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Our Company

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to

increase the effectiveness of B2B processes and

support decisions of managers in the food industry.
We constantly expand our knowledge of the food market in Poland

and around the world, we are always open to new challenges and partners.

Our Company
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B2B content marketing communication tools

LEAD generator for suppliers

Learning platform for food professionals.

Food legislation monitoring system, Food Risk management tools 

Food Risk and Fraud vulnerability assessment database and tools including daily alert system 

Real time monitoring of the entire worldwide market, statistics, risk scoring system. Food product benchmarking database

From idea to successful product or service on the market.

Market Insights, customer opinions 

Strategic consulting, 

Partnership investigation

Innovative approach to quality testing

Spectral imaging as non destructive fast and reliable screening

We operate as a Agent for Videometer A/S  in Poland

Our Brands




No difference, product or service, check what the competition is doing, compare with other products on the market, check strengths and weaknesses.
We use advanced research, analysis and inference methods

Market Intelligence 

Understand customer needs, estimate market potential, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, set entry barriers, find new business partners
We have a network of thousands of contacts on the food market in Poland. We undertake non-standard challenges 

Internal Insights

Use our over 25 years of experience and look at your organization from the outside. There is always room for improvement in marketing processes, customer service and the overall customer experience


Why Choose Us

25+ Years of Experience, 

hundreds of projects realized

One of the largest relationship networks with the food industry.
We maintain constant contact with thousands of managers

Advanced data base tools, customized reports and dashboards 

We focus on understanding customer needs from day one, the most important thing is to deliver specific goals

Clear and simple rules of cooperation, we know how important the customer experience is, we research it ourselves

The best price conditions, we work and earn money in Poland

About our history

We are a technical and marketing organization established in 1992 as a transformation of the Scientific and Research Department of the Gastronomy Industry and Food Products Institute. We combine 30 years of experience in the industry with the most modern technologies and approaches on the food market. Our plans are very ambitious, we always invite new partners to join the project and develop common services

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